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Today Saturday 22nd. Steven organised a group of generous volunteers to tidy up this long neglected area. Many local businesses and residents took part in the back breaking clean-up. Using a varity of implements. Four strimmers in action simultaneously! Enjoy the photos. Many thanks to all who took part. This work will be continued.


Watch this site for further details or phone Paul at 087-6678569


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If you google the following document it gives an interesting account of the conservation status of sandbanks in the Irish Sea. The references to impacts and threats arising from future construction and extractions seem alarming. There is an overall lack of information regarding the exact location of the sandbanks and the habitats that they support.

Conservation Assessment of Sandbanks slightly covered by seawater at

all times (Habitat Code: 1110)

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Hi Paul 
Sorry I missed that request earlier. 
My knowledge is just the honey comb reef off Wicklow head as v special
protected  biogenic reef
> 1500 ha  SAC .  It’s the only  large sublittoral honeycomb reef known in
Main threat would be trawling and mussel seed harvesting. 

For yourself /ourselves: go to NPWS website and look up designation maps to
see  designated site boundary . I cant get map up this moment so cant check
site boundary It should come back later. 
I att site synopses 
Best to direct more detailed query to Dr Liz Sides in NPWS .
Best wishes 
Karin Dubsky
International Coordinator
Coastwatch Europe

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Sand bank query

Thank you for a very interesting query James. As far as we can see the protected sites (SAC’s NHA’s etc) cover land areas which are listed on the NNPWS site. Brittas Bay is there. The only other designation which is not referred to is a SAAO (Special Area Amenity Order) which I think includes Bray Head.  Friends of the Murrough are trying to get for the Murrough area on the landward side of Wicklow Bay.
The NPWS site does list sand bank areas which would have species which are also referred to but not specifically to the sand banks in the Brittas Bay area. From looking down the list of sandbanks I assume the sand bank nearest to the Brittas Bay area is the India Bank which is between Bray Bank and Arklow Bank, but the info is too vague to be sure. I can find no information on the species which would reside there much less on their status. The link for the sandbanks along the east coast from the NPWS website http://www.npws.ie/marine/marinehabitats/sandbanks/

Paul Leahy

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James Doyle writes:

James Doyle

Id like some information about the shallow sandbanks off Wicklow which are designated for protection under the EU Habitats Directive because of their importance to marine and bird life Arklow Bank and Codling Bank are protected under this Directive I understand. What does such protection entail ? Is development on these sandbanks permitted ? Who is responsible for protecting them ?
Does anyone have further information
Thank you

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Hello everyone,

Some of us missed the excitement of the TV cameras and celebrities coming out to Bray for the big clean-up over Easter of Bray Harbour and Seafront. All in all it sends out a very positive message to see the community getting out and involved in cleaning up their town.  More where that came from…….

Bray Coastcare’s monthly clean-up is on :

Where:        Saturday the 14th of May

Where:        Raheen Park Car Park, at foot of Bray Head

Time:         12 to 3pm (or come for whatever time you have to spare)

Remember : Bring your camera – looking for good before and after photos for website and publicity.

All the best,

Una Roe,
Bray Coastcare.

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