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Steven, Annette, Liz and Paul took part.

They met at Haughtons bridge and returned to the campsite in that area to continue to remove the tiny remnants of glass shards which seem an endless challenge. Children, barefoot romped merrily in the steep blow out  overhead.

While some improvement was achieved, Sateven volunteered to come back during the week with rakes etc to do a more thorough job. Good luck Steven and give us a shout if you need help. Steven, a grahic artist, is also designing new posters which will appear on this website and in the car parks and local shops and pibs shortly.

While working the way through the bracken, Annette notices wild strawberries concealed beneath the fern.. Closer inspection revealed quirt a lot of them.

Juicy, with a succulent aftertaste!

The group have decided to meet up in Mc Daniels Inn on Thursday 8th of July at 8pm

All are welcome


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The group entered the dune area at Haughtons bridge because of unresolved issues of access to the council beach for the coastcare members.

This clean-up focussed on a campsite area  following the June weekend. This was at the foot of a sandy blowout where there were bits of glass beneath the sand. The canmpsite itself was disgusting. As the group were cleaning, another party of campers arrived. They assisted in the clean-up.

The group were joined by Margaret and Eddie from Friends of the Murrough (A Wicklow town Coastcare Group) and new Brittas member Steven. Stalwarts; Liz, Mary and Paul also took part.

A total of 14 bags were filled.

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Next time Celtic supporters might like to come back and bring their litter home. Then the flag would really fly with pride

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There wil be an impromptu clean up of the south beach area at noon. Please meet at haughtons bridge 500 yards south of the south beach car park.

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