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Hello All,

Yesterday’s second Bray Coastcare Group clean up of the month was a great success even though most of the volunteers were unavailable due to the Easter holidays.

We had four hard working volunteers turn up yesterday (Saturday) to have a special clean up mainly focusing on the rubbish within the River Dargle itself.

Over the course of the 3 hour clean up from 12 – 3pm an amazing;

8 Bicycles, 1 Motorbike, 1 Lawnmower, 200 metres of tangled metal wire and 16 bags of litter were removed from the Dargle River by the Bray Coastcare Group volunteers.

This was the first time the group has actually gone into the river itself and although it was a great success there were a couple of nervous moments. While wading in the river trying to pull out the bikes, which were sometimes lodged in muck which was like concrete, I spotted a couple of very large hairy rats swimming past, thankfully they were swimming in the opposite direction so I was ok!

On behalf of Bray Coastcare I would like to send out a very special thank you to the three lads who turned out on the day and put in such a mammoth effort and in doing so filled the skip to the brim once again. I would also like to send out a special thank you to Barry who brought the boat which was crucial, and the Sea Scouts and Fidelma who lent us a couple of wetsuits and lifejackets for the day..thanks a million!

Well that’s all for now, I’ve attached a selection of photos to this email for you to get an idea of the sheer amount of rubbish which was thankfully taken out of the towns river.

God Bless and all at Bray Coastcare Group wish you a very Happy Easter!!!

Séamus Connor,
Bray Coastcare Group – Chairman.dargle-river-clean-up-march-2009-024good-friday-processionapril-clean-up-044dargle-river-clean-up-march-2009-036dargle-river-clean-up-march-2009-042good-friday-processionapril-clean-up-053



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Seamus writes

Hello All,

Good news first. Last Saturday’s clean up was a great success and we had 9 volunteers turn up on the day from 12-3pm to work hard and cleaning up the Cliff Walk, Bray Head, Naylor’s Cove and the Helicopter Pad Area.

A total of 19 bags of litter was collected and skipped. The volunteers noticed the difference of the place considering the fact that we had held our cleanups for the last two months at the River Dargle instead. Bray Head was particularly bad and needed a lot of work to get it back to a good state.

On the day three separate people came up to Bray Coastcare Volunteers and asked to join the group and help out at future clean ups. Details were exchanged and this turned out to be a bonus on top of ensuring the area was spotless for the Good Friday Procession up to the cross on Bray Head.

As you know we are holding a clean up every Saturday of this month because it is the National Spring Clean Month and we want to get the towns coastal areas spotless before the busy summer months.

This Saturday’s clean up will be held along the Dargle River and the Ravenswell Road .
We will be heading further up the Dargle to continue the work that Bray Town Council has already started.

A lot of this litter is in the river itself so a small dingy would be of great use.
If anyone has use of a small dingy that could be used by Bray Coastcare Volunteers to remove litter from the river please let me know ASAP and this could be arranged and would be greatly appreciated.

So here’s a reminder:

WHAT: Bray Coastcare Group Clean Up.

WHEN: This SATURDAY the 11th of April from 12 – 3pm.

WHERE: Meeting at the Anchor at BRAY HARBOUR .

Please come along even if you can’t stay for the full three hours. Every little helps!

That’s all for now!

God Bless,

Séamus Connor,
Bray Coastcare Group – Chairman.

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