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March Beachclean

dcp_1650dcp_1651Following three consecutive cancellations due to bad weather during the winter months, two volunteers on the January cleanup and one in February, fears for this trend continuing in March were dispelled when Liz, Annnette, Graham and Andy arrived. They were shortly augmented by Eddie and Margaret from Wicklow town who heard the Coastcare presentation at the Community Network meeting in the Ecology Centre in Wicklow yesterday.

The craic was mighty as the merry group of volunteers representing three generations of local people from as far away as Wicklow town, Barndarrig and Brittas resplendent in hi-viz vests and armed with litterpickers and prepaid refuse sacks generously donated by Arklow Waste Disposal Ltd scoured the beach and foredunes in search of assorted litter. Several bags were filled.

Some litter for recycling  include a knapsack filled with beer bottles which the lads generously offered to recycle as well as an antique milk bottle to adorn Annies collection. No money this time though. (see post on  ‘Finding money on the beach for tips on that skill’). The discovery of the knacksack however should be a motivation for the younger generation to join beach cleans. :)!

There are still large amounts of camping  litter consisting of broken glass and rusting metal  requiring specialist equipment which the group will remove on separate occasions.

Overall, an enjoyable and promising start to the 2009 season

A big thank you to all who participated


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Brittas Bay Coastcare Group








The Brittas Bay Coastcare Group aspires to promote a sense of pride in the natural and recreational amenity of Brittas Bay beach among beach users by undertaking tasks of a voluntary nature with the aim of preserving that amenity





1.                  The Group will be known as The Brittas Bay Coastcare Group hereafter known as the group.


2.                  The area represented by the group will be the beach of Brittas Bay. It may from time to time take part in activities outside that area.


3.                  Membership of the group is open to all who support the principles outlined in the mission statement as it applies to the area defined in article 2 and on payment of the membership fee.


4.                  The group is affiliated to both the Cleancoast project and the Green Communities Programme as operated under the auspices of an Taisce


5.                  The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Treasurer,  and Secretary.



6.                  The duty of the Chairperson will be to oversee the impartial, efficient running of meetings and the implementation of decisions made by members of the committee at meetings.


7.                  The duty of the Treasurer will be to keep an account of the finances of the group and present financial reports to each meeting and to ensure that all members are fully paid up.

8.                  The duty of the Secretary will consist of: – Notification of Meetings; Production of Minutes; Liaise with members and other interested bodies. All necessary expenses will be reimbursed to the Secretary.


9.                  The annual membership fee will be £20.00 per member. This amount is subject to change by the Group determined at meetings of the group.


10.              Other groups may affiliate to the group. Each affiliated group will have one vote and will be liable to a membership fee of £20.00.


11.              The group may amend its Constitution by a specially convened EGM meeting consisting of a majority of two-thirds of its members present at such a meeting. Two week’s notice been given in advance.


12.              The group shall meet at least every three months. Ten days notice of each meeting will be given to all members by the Secretary where possible.


13.              An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called on the request of five members of the Group. Seven days notice will be served to members of the group. The Secretary will notify all members of the purpose of calling such a meeting.


14.              A quorum will consist of five (5) voting members excluding the Chairperson.


15.              Where a Sub-Committee is formed to perform a specific task, once that task is completed, the Sub-Committee is automatically disbanded.




* * * * * * *




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Gardai in Brittas

The Brittas Bay Coastcare group have been calling for an increased security in Brittas Bay during busy weekends.
This St. Patricks  weekend saw Gardai on bicyles deployed in the area.
Well done to Wicklow’s finest. Your presence is very much appreciated.
If you are visiting the car parks for a trip to the beach and you see a Garda cycling by.
Show your appreciation by sharing your picnic with him, her or them.

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No sign of the dreaded slick from the incident in the Atlantic. Lests hope it stays there.

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Photos from Seamus



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Hello All,

Three important bits of information for you all concerning:

1: Dargle Riverside Walkway.

2: Bray Coastcare Group in the Saint Patrick’s Day Bray Parade.

3: Bray Coastcare Group MARCH Cleanup.

1: Dargle Riverside Walkway:

I am personally over the moon to be passing on this great news to you all. As you all know we held our monthly cleanup in February down at the southern side of the Dargle River for the first time where we worked at clearing and cleaning up the riverside walkway which runs from the Bray Lakers Brady Centre as far as the Dargle Bridge on the Main Street.

This area was badly neglected and we had come to the conclusion that it would take at least three of our monthly cleanups to get it in top condition once more. I’m delighted to let you all know that following our cleanup Bray Town Council have undertaken a massive cleanup of the affected areas on both sides of the Dargle River and have done a magnificent job at opening up and cleaning the area. The council workers spent over a week cutting back overgrown briars and branches and they also collected over 100 bags of all sorts of litter which mainly consisted of beer cans. The place is really looking good now and all the volunteers at Bray Coastcare Group want to send out a very big thank you to both Tom Bailey from the council and especially the council workers who did such a fantastic job and in doing so gave the people of Bray back a wonderful scenic walkway free of litter.

Bray Coastcare Group will be having its March cleanup down at this spot on Saturday March the 14th from 12-3pm to ensure is 100% spotless and also to clear and open up a wonderful scenic patio area at the Dargle Bridge (south side) overlooking the river that had become overgrown and inaccessible and needs some more work to clear it. This riverside path and scenic viewpoint is a gem of an area in the town and I hope that it will be regularly cleaned and maintained by Bray Town Council so that it never gets to the state that it was in before. I would also like to appeal on behalf of Bray Coastcare Group to the people of Bray not to throw litter and instead find a bin or bag it until you do get to a bin to dispose of it.

A camera crew from RTÉ were down at this site filming during our February cleanup for a Environmental documentary series due to be aired in May on RTÉ 1 entitled “The Enforcers” and were shocked at the state of the place. It was agreed that they would come back to film when the massive job was completed by the group but thanks to the council I am delighted to be phoning them up to come back so soon and film the once disgusting but now spotless and beautiful area.

All at Bray Coastcare Group are delighted with the work undertaken by Bray Town Council and wish to congratulate them on a job well done. If this great work keeps up by the voluntary groups like Bray Coastcare Group and both Bray Town Council and Wicklow County Council we will no longer be at the bottom end of the Litter League. KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP FOLKS!


2: Bray Coastcare Group in the Saint Patrick’s Day Bray Parade:

Bray Coastcare Group are participating in the Bray St.Patrick’s Day Parade for the 2nd year running and we are desperately seeking volunteers to come out on the day and walk in the parade with the Group.

We will have our very own Saint Patrick leading our group and some of our younger member will carry our group banner. We would love as many members as possible to walk with us wearing our Bray Coastcare Volunteers jackets.

If we don’t get volunteers out to walk with the group in the parade it will give a false idea to the people of Bray of the size and active participation of the group and its many volunteers.


(The Parade will last approximately 1 hour and finish at the bandstand on Bray Seafront)

Here are the details:

WHAT: Bray Coastcare Group marching in the Bray St.Patrick’s Day Parade.

WHEN: Meeting at 2.30pm, 17th March.

WHERE: Meeting outside St.Patrick’s Primary School on Bray Main St.

If you know that you will definatley be taking part with us in the parade please email so we can have an idea of numbers.

3: Bray Coastcare Group MARCH Cleanup:

As already mentioned above we will be having our March clean up along the riverside walkways and banks of the Dargle River.

As RTÉ may be returning to film our clean up and the results of the great work of both Bray Coastcare Group and Bray Town Council over the past few weeks I would urge as many of you to come along as possible and lend a helping hand.

So here’s a reminder:

WHAT: Bray Coastcare Group March Cleanup.

WHEN: SATURDAY the 14TH of MARCH from 12 – 3pm.

WHERE: Meeting at the Bray Lakers Brady Centre just off the Seapoint Road. (Or you can get to the meeting point by walking the now clean riverside walk from the Dargle Bridge down to the Bray Lakers Centre).

Hope to see you all there and we can also have a brief chat about plans for the following Tuesday’s St.Patricks Day Parade.

All the best and thank you for all the hard work which is certainly paying off!

God Bless,

Séamus Connor,

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Be vigilant

So far the dreaded oil slick from the Russian sub appears to have escaped our shores. Fingers crossed for our coast, our blue flag and our beachgoers that it will continue so.

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